Monochrome Madness 2-22 Bridges

Greetings from Beautiful Edinburgh!! A jewel in the heather, she herself  is home to the ancient  “Honours” of Scotland,  The Military tattoo, Robbie burns, the Fringe Fest and Greyfriar’s Bobby to name just a few

This was a  scheduled post for Leanne Coles’ Monochrome Madnesses – It was one of BC’s  wooden bridges!!.. but I found and continue to find wonderful “crossings” here – I love the poetry and symbolism they inspire!

I don’t have my proper signature but I have an editing program I was able to download before leaving.  Bridges is the theme for this week so I made “Leith” the feature.  Will pop in from time to time though notebook is very slow.  Hope you all enjoy August and keep taking lots of pictures!! It’s something you can’t avoid here!! Namaste and Slainte!!

bridge on the Leith.jpg small

Over the Leith- Infrared

wooden bridge in the Okanagan

wooden bridge in the Okanagan

Blackwater Foot - Arran

Blackwater Foot – Arran-last year