Our Robin

Robin mono

Late today (the 24th) we received a heavy, devastating burden of news. I’m still processing it yet I felt I had to write something.

In memory of our sweet Robin, a friend, a sister,  a devoted aunt to little Lucy,  a daughter,  my wonderful  “other” daughter, and my daughter’s best friend, -our hearts are broken.

Robin's Rose

You came into our lives like a shooting star
and you have left the same way.
We had no idea you would streak by us so fast
On your journey through the universe.
We wanted you to stay longer.

Robin you are a bright light!
laughing out sun beams,
already greeted by the angels who rushed out joyfully to welcome you.
We are the poorer who stay behind,
though richer for knowing you
Rest in peace, our beautiful girl.

goth girls

two crazy  girls- grown up sort of!

We love you and will miss you so much!  We will meet again in some wonderful place!!

I always saw your “true colours” – both of you