Dr. Chandra, Will I Dream?

As I struggle to keep my focus these days and stumble forward into Spring, I hope you might enjoy this little video I put together as much as I enjoyed making it and I hope you will leave a few words if you do.  Now for the wee ramble…

“Dr Chandra, Will I dream?” is the haunting question, Hal, the computer asks in the face of impending doom in the sequel to A Space Odyssey..

 “Yeesha, last night your mother had a dream…”  are the words that began an epic search for an ancient and mysterious civilization whose secrets were written into lost linking books. The brilliant and philosophical Myst series  was created by Rand Millar and Cyan. 

Dreams have held great meaning through history . Freud was the first to try to interpret them psychologically as unconscious wish fulfillment and Jung believed they were expressions of  a universal consciousness, of symbol, myth and metaphor. There are  dreamers who journey into the subconscious by night and dreamers who seek fulfillment by day.

When we move through the  canvas of an exotic dreamscape, shapes and shadows that culminate in strange encounters can elicit intense and very real emotion. Poets, painters, philosophers, saints, and ancient seers alike, were inspired by the vision of dreams.   The aboriginal people of Australia still believe that the “dreamtime” is another world and another journey as real as life

and so I too was inspired to create this little video of images I turned into dreams. Some  were taken with an infrared camera which perfectly suits that ethereal landscape.  Music is included.


I used Wondershare Filmora (a rudimentary video program) and Mirage effects

with my infrared camera  I sometimes use a separate IR filter which brings out the reds or in other cases blues and then put the images through the Photoshop channel mixer for interesting colour effects.


shared on Ce Soir and Savor Serenity in SL.