The Cosmic Sneeze

Inspired by Leanne Cole’s  A Photo that Inspires Words

Leanne put up a challenge to write something inspired by her beautiful  shadowy photo.  I use  my photos as illustrations in my own tales and this is the first time I’ve  written a tale based on another’s photography.  Great fun Leanne. Thank you.

leanne park

The old man sleeping on the bench suddenly awoke with a terrible sneeze. He heard something like a rushing wind in that place between waking and dreaming and he looked around the shady nook apprehensively.  His son, Mick,   always came this way on the way home from work and they would walk together back to the retirement home.  He looked again, peering through the tunnel of twisted branches out into the green expanse of parkland.  The dying light of a late afternoon cast bleeding shadows through the thicket.  Everything seemed the same and yet something had happened. He was sure of it!

What had happened was very unusual. In some strange cosmic event, the entire universe had contracted in an instant – and there was yet another anomaly; a paradox, just as unusual!

It occurred during the rapid deflation in the first event, of the beginning rushing backward to the end; somewhere between alpha and omega. This place where he waited; this tiny capsule of time and space; this insignificant droplet of a counter expanding expulsion, had become stuck on the edge of the collapsing event horizon! Everything else was sucked into the vortex to be coalesced and reconfigured into some new and unknown incarnation.

The old man was blissfully unaware of all this. He looked at the face of his old wrist watch which had frozen at 4:40 PM; the moment he awakened.  “Mick’s a bit late today, “ he thought. “But he will be here soon.”  So, he continued to sit on the bench, patiently waiting for his son, and tried to suppress another sneeze.

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