of my exhibits at other galleries

a few of my exhibits

Waifs at Lalala Gallery

a Paris excursion with Gertrude Stein and the famous cookbook by Alice B. Toklas
waif sign2a png

after the dance


Tea and Morphine at Mon Joli Cadeau

a look at Victorian times and mores


anabelle haunted fountainpng
annabelle’s garden

The Spaewife’s Island – at Basilique

too late

heaven and time last one
there is a place between heaven and time
detail star toss2a
though it be 10,000 miles

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    1. thank you Sherry!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Rae West says:

    I noticed you on Peter Quiggins’ site. You might like my revisionist site, trying to decode the multiplicity of official lies and lies posing as history. https://big-lies.org – or it might not interest you. I don’t know!


    1. Actually Rae, I have my hands full with my own fictions lol. No, I’m not into conspiracy theories though I do believe there are a few that have some validity. I’m curious at times how people come to their conclusions and I love history, but as you can see my own site is quite innocuous and non political. Cheers.


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