One Four Challenge- Meg’s Pearls

Robyn Gosby’s One Four challenge

Meg’s Pearls

Week One

meg's pearlsfilter

Lauren had loved the look and feel of Meg’s pearls  – week one

……When the holiday finally ended it was hard to return home again, but Lauren knew her father needed her, and so it was promised that a strand of pearls would be brought back for her from Singapore.  She waited in anticipation, dreaming of exotic harbours where Meg and the Captain strolled hand in hand, and sat sipping tea in tea shops under colourful umbrellas.

The church bell began to toll in deep, resonating waves calling the faithful to Mass. Lauren thought of Donne’s poem as solemn worshipers entered the sanctuary. For whom is the bell tolling?   War had just been declared in Europe. There would be terrible losses to come……

This is an excerpt from  :  A Canticle for Meg  – which is based on a true story.  (one of my short stories)

My thanks for your wonderful responses to the story itself!!!