Tales of the Tuatha (Chapter 15 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

The Butterfly’s dew drop

tree cavern
tree cavern

Niamh made her way carefully through the tree cavern in the direction where she had seen the swan on the lagoon. Water was flowing swiftly beside her.  She thought she heard the wail of the Bean Sidhe in the darkness and she trembled. Where had the raven flown with his prize? 

As she stepped out into one more unfamiliar landscape a butterfly fluttered by on a sunbeam and alighted on a strange flower.  He unrolled his tongue to sip a shining dewdrop. Something about the droplet mesmerized her.  Rainbows pierced Niamh’s eye. She had found another one of her lost dreams!


the butterfly dreams a  “trompe l’oeil!”


Background:  A Bean Sidhe ( banshee) was a fairy who foretold the death of someone by wailing. Her eyes were always red with weeping.  If multiple Bean Sidhes wailed it would be the death of someone very important.

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  1. thank you Katarina!!! Fun!!


  2. Fabolous image. It is hard to say that it is photos. Good work with the editing!

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  3. Peter Nena says:

    Waiting for the day these fabulous stories are all put together. I love them.


    1. I suddenly had an epiphany of where they were going. I’ve been letting them tell themselves to me but they just revealed the bigger picture to me!! A few more chapters to go though!! It’s a journey and I don’t want it to end! Thanks for your encouragement!!!

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  4. lizziegudkov says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the contrast between “Niamh made her way *carefully* through the tree cavern” and ” Water was flowing *swiftly* beside her.” Well done!

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    1. thank you Lizzie for your encouraging comments!!


  5. I’ve often heard of banshees, but didn’t know they predicted death. Your photos are always awesome, and the stories mystical and interesting.

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    1. thanks Michelle!! Yes, you don’t want to hear them wail!! 🙂


  6. Robyn G says:

    Totally agree with Laura’s comment.
    Beautiful as always Cybele.
    The first image is so stunning …and curious… makes me keep looking.
    ..and the butterfly is amazing!!! The texture is wonderful… so tactile.


    1. Thank you Robyn!! I like caverns so yes I liked doing the first one. The Butterfly turned into a 3d image ( trick of the eye) and that was totally an experiment that worked.


      1. Robyn G says:

        It totally worked 🙂 Great experiment!


  7. lauramacky says:

    This is just so incredible. I even read the story lol. You know how I am about that. I think both images are beautiful AS ALWAYS! But the butterfly! Woah! That is a really good one. I love your artwork!!


    1. Thanks so much Laura. Hey, a little experimenting and the image became 3D. I’m glad you are finally reading my stories lol. This is chaper 15 of course so you only have 14 to read to catch up!! Hugs!! 😀


      1. lauramacky says:

        What?? More chapters????? O.o haha I am so bad about that. I did read a short story the other day that was 40 pages! Strike up the band. 😛

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      2. Yayyy!! I’ve marked that on the calendar!! 😀


  8. Breathtaking 🙂

    You know, Cybele, I think you could be famous one day for your pictures and your writing 🙂 I’ve heard that some publishers are crying out for something original now, having put too narrow limits on what they’ve demanded from authors for a long time. That’s why I decided to stop second-guessing the market and write exactly what I wanted, however odd or unlike anybody else’s novel it might be.

    Do you share links to your posts on twitter? I think there are a few publishers and agents lurking there who might pick up on your stuff.

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    1. that is so kind to say so. I love what you do too. I was wondering if my stuff is too traditional and old fashioned!! lol so what you are saying is very interesting. I can’t write the modern way – I always admire these people who are able to be so free in writing anything or stream of consciousness. But maybe I will try twitter. I am not a member but it’s worth a try. Thank you so much for your generous encouragement. You know mostly I have fun with it. This story has taken me on it’s journey not the other way around. And seeing my inspiration appears and disappears like a fireworks display a novel would be out of the question! 😀 Namaste and cheers!!


      1. Well, my latest novel started off as a piece of flash fiction of 400 words, so you never know. It’s usually the characters that happen first for me, then I put them in a situation full of conflict and see what they do to resolve things. Thus, they write the story for me and so the inspiration flows from them as much as from me.

        I think you would have no problem with producing a wonderful setting, which is so very important if you’re going to draw readers into another world.

        Never says never, is my motto in for all things creative in this life!

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  9. yorkshirevarmint says:

    Very creative 🙂

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    1. I love creative writing and have written a few stories here. Thanks Tina for your comment!!!


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