Tales of the Tuatha (Chapter 15 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

The Butterfly’s dew drop

tree cavern

tree cavern

Niamh made her way carefully through the tree cavern in the direction where she had seen the swan on the lagoon. Water was flowing swiftly beside her.  She thought she heard the wail of the Bean Sidhe in the darkness and she trembled. Where had the raven flown with his prize? 

As she stepped out into one more unfamiliar landscape a butterfly fluttered by on a sunbeam and alighted on a strange flower.  He unrolled his tongue to sip a shining dewdrop. Something about the droplet mesmerized her.  Rainbows pierced Niamh’s eye. She had found another one of her lost dreams!


the butterfly dreams a  “trompe l’oeil!”


Background:  A Bean Sidhe ( banshee) was a fairy who foretold the death of someone by wailing. Her eyes were always red with weeping.  If multiple Bean Sidhes wailed it would be the death of someone very important.