Beautiful British Columbia ( forgive a little tourism post!)

I enjoy looking at photos from around the world, dreaming of travel, so I thought I would post a few photos of my beautiful Canadian province on the west coast of Canada. I hope you will enjoy them.

British Columbia has everything, from wild cliffs where many ships were wrecked,  pristine beaches, to peaceful lakes and rain forests. It has mountains and semi arid areas full of orchards and vineyards. BC wines are coming into their own and nothing tastes sweeter than an Okanagan peach from Peachland – yes, Peachland,  BC.


Like Australia we have our share of unusual names like Spuzzum and Chilli Wack and a history rich in first nations legends and culture.  My brother, who lives in Penticton in the interior of BC, and is a school teacher, often takes us to the fossil digs on the White Lake Formation  and to the Radio Observatory nearby where R2D2-like telescopes  scan the heavens for songs of ET.  We are all a family of avid astronomers (amateur). The astronomy club meets once a year at the Mt. Kobo Star Party.

Lake Skaha and  Lake Okanagan are joined and like Loch Ness have their  own much sighted monster called the Ogopogo.  But as in Xanadu,  underneath these very large and deep lakes are subterranean caverns measureless to man and sunless seas that probably join Loch Ness to the Okanagan, and thus, a solitary and lonely monster makes his mysterious migrations.

Some of these are older photos, taken with a canon powershot, before I became more serious and paid more money for a camera.  Many were edited in the freebie Gimp program,  so pre PS Cs6.


Vancouver Island is  also rich in marine fossils from the cretaceous.  Much of the area was a shallow sea during those antediluvian times. On top of Saanich Mountain outside Victoria is the Royal Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. Victoria, though small, is the capital city, and home to the wonderful Royal BC Museum which is full of dioramas and natural history.

Many intrepid Scots made their way to the New World as explorers and settlers and many places are named after them as well, such as Simon Fraser University, the mighty Fraser River with it’s Hell’s Gate rapids and the far northern town of Mackenzie BC. to name a few.

Oh, and our weather is more like Scotland and Ireland!


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