When the bean sidhe calls – and other spooky tales

(Bean sidhe – Banshee)

– and for all zombie daughters

Thank you Leanne Cole for the fun!!

Creepy children’s song
briony-girl-possessed-standing-dress                                                                                Image by Leanne Cole

The woman looked out the window at the female figure standing motionless in the field. “Who would be out there at this ungodly hour!” she thought.   There were no crickets singing and no field mice rustling the grass. There was no moon.  There was only the silent noise of darkness under the suffocating stars.   The woman in the house shivered slightly .  There was something about the way the figure stood, her head at a crooked angle,  the unseeing glowing eyes, and  arms pointing to the dark earth,  like a puppet waiting to be animated. When she looked again she realized that the figure was wearing a bluetooth headset.

She watched as the puppet’s mouth opened  slowly. There was no sound; just a gaping cave from where the four winds rushed out all at once, silently howling through the cathodes of  radio frequencies  into a living labyrinth of cartilage, cochlea  and nerves.  She was relieved that her cell phone didn’t ring.  She would find out whose did  in tomorrow’s obits.