Tales for Yuletide

it was my dream ever since I posted previously about Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Match Girl, to try to bring that poignant and classic tale to life in a video story form…….


-here!! -waters run deep? -complaining! crazy after all these years! -or else a state of inertia  😦 I’ll spare you the boring details of that light at the end of the tunnel being an oncoming train. However, I don’t need therapy I just need to go to Ireland, and Scotland will do nicely as well….

” The Stolen Child” Exhibit at Itakos -Tribute to Ireland

We all need a touch of magic!  So I’d like to share with my readers a video presentation of my photography and participation on the Stolen Child exhibit at Itakos Gallery  by Akim Alonzo and CybeleMoon.   I had a lot of fun putting this together (with my very rudimentary program- Wondershare). read the short story…

A Fleeing Summer Dream

In case you didn’t know, it’s always, late summer and late afternoon in Fairyland. I can’t believe that in my own dimension of space we’ve already slipped into September. Our summer has been on the cool side but still, I emerged, cautiously, like a cave bear into the sunlight. I finally wrote a little tale…

The Stolen Child (a story dedicated to Yeats and Ireland)

also called A Summer’s End -a short story: Megan looked over the last  of the Black -eyed Susans glowing in the morning sun. It was time to lock up the summer cottage forever, she thought.  Something happened yesterday that had confirmed all her old fears and misgivings about the place. Some years before she had…