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Life on Mars and other fine places – and a little Monochrome Madness on Mars

The Biosphere project on the upland region of Tharsis (This is my submission to Leanne Cole’s wonderful Monochrome Madness 2-12– visit her site for all the great images) If we as humans can’t… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha (Chapters 35 & 36)

We are nearing the end my dear readers- only one more installment to go after this and why has it become such a struggle and so, so hard!!? I revised and re-revised these two… Continue reading

Monochrome Madness # 2-5 ( and fairies)

The way to Monochrome Madness!! Do check out Leanne Cole’s wonderful gallery of submissions Here I played with an older photo I like and had some fun with fairies “Those who dream by… Continue reading

The Chronicles of Niamh

I am going to be taking a few days to deal with some family and other related things.  I’ve had to slow down the last while and take a breath!!  Back after the… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha (chapter 34 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

 Background: The story is rapidly coming to it’s conclusion and becoming harder for me to write knowing this. I started the tales a year ago as an exercise in writing  simple little fantasies… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha – Niamh’s Journey (chapter 32 & 33 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Finally I’ve continued with my fairy tale and Niamh’s dream journey, – and to catch up from my  hiatus I have written two full chapters ( that are still, as usual, a work… Continue reading

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