Glendalough, Ireland

To Ed Mooney whose wonderful photographs have inspired me to return to Ireland more quickly.

This is one of my favourite spots in Ireland, County Wicklow, I have a few photos of the monastic site .  We headed down here from Dublin’s fair city.  I was with my daughter who was totally enamoured of the place.  Her cell phone had died so she insisted she be in almost every picture I took in an orgy  of shameless “non selfies.”  I have lots of typical tourist pictures!

These few are more solitary. My camera skills were in a young development ( still are!) so because I love what Ed Mooney has done with a black and white treatment of the same subject  I converted mine with SEP 2 in Photo shop.


st kevin


church yard


The lake at Glendalough is breathtaking and also very similar to the lakes and glens of the Scottish Highlands where our Scottish Nan was born (the Black Isle area). There seemed to have been a lot of going back and forth between Scotland and Ireland in the family, Galway to Edinburgh, and even farther. Very paripatetic lot.



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