Vancouver Island scenes


Fort Rodd Hill in Victoria BC

Which Way to the Java Sea
Which Way to the Java Sea

(bracketed shots processed in photomatix)

This is a lovely historic site on Vancouver Island.

Fort Rodd was established in 1896 as part of the Esquimalt Naval Base located at the mouth of Esquimalt harbour.  The Fisgard Lighthouse had been already standing since 1860 and it became the beacon for the Royal Navy as well as for many a sailing ship in it’s day.

The west coast of Vancouver Island had treacherous rocks and tides and many ships went down in what was known to sailors of the day  as “the graveyard of the Pacific.”  A book was written about it by local author and former cable station operator,  the late R.B. Scott called “Breakers Ahead.”

In World War II it was active as one of the armed look out stations (also at Macaulay Point) in case of a Japanese attack.

I have more photos of this place and all my travels on Gateway and Journeys  one of my first blogs (on blogger)

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  1. Beautiful image – you process it very well!!


    1. thanks so much Indah!!


  2. We visited your beautiful Vancouver Island three times. Once we took the ferry to Nanaimo from North Vancouver. Then we took the ferry from Port Angeles in Washington. The third time we took a “puddle-jumper” from the Seattle airport. This last time we attended a Ballykilcline Society convention (we attended a Ballykilcline convention in County Roscommon in 2002) in Victoria hosted by Dom Hanley and his family. Dom invited the whole group to his house one night for dinner and to meet his extended family. I remember talking to his brother, Msgr. Phil, about the book he was writing. It was about the Catholic Church on Vancouver Island. Dom was one of the nicest guys I ever met. He died a few months ago. His brother Phil died in 2010.


    1. I know who they were though not personally. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!! I hope you return!!


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