Tiny Wings ( A photo a week challenge -Flight )


I wasn’t sure I had one for this challenge but here is a photo that I lucked out with!! Pardon me all my writer friends for ending a sentence with a dangling preposition!! 🙂

Bee flight

bee flight

“Where the bee sucks “

oops I have two . This one almost flew into my lap.   As my forte seems to be dreamy landscapes, I’m not fast on the draw with wildlife but am trying.

and here she/he is on my deck in front of a textured glass partition and partaking of the potted crocosmia.  He hovers briefly in front of me as though humming his thanks and then disappears in a vibration leaving a single note like a long Om hanging in the air.

Hummingbird Flight

hummingbirdon texturedglasssig


The Flight from Vancouver to Scotland



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  1. When it comes to flight, man will never have the grace of nature. Lovely photo’s.

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    1. so true! thank you for visiting!!


  2. The bee and bird are amazing! The flight one makes me smile because we are trying to plan a trip to Scotland soon. 🙂 Thanks for joining the challenge!


    1. thank you so much Nancy. I enjoyed the challenge. You will love Scotland if you haven’t been there before. We still have relatives in both Scotland and Ireland. I’m hoping to go back this summer, finances permitting!! I took many photos which are on my Gateways & Journeys Blog.


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