Tiny Wings ( A photo a week challenge -Flight )


I wasn’t sure I had one for this challenge but here is a photo that I lucked out with!! Pardon me all my writer friends for ending a sentence with a dangling preposition!! 🙂

Bee flight

bee flight

“Where the bee sucks “

oops I have two . This one almost flew into my lap.   As my forte seems to be dreamy landscapes, I’m not fast on the draw with wildlife but am trying.

and here she/he is on my deck in front of a textured glass partition and partaking of the potted crocosmia.  He hovers briefly in front of me as though humming his thanks and then disappears in a vibration leaving a single note like a long Om hanging in the air.

Hummingbird Flight

hummingbirdon texturedglasssig


The Flight from Vancouver to Scotland