Tales of the Tuatha (Chapter 13 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Beyond the dragon’s toll house     Niamh saw a dragon and tree intertwined. They seemed to be attached to the same clawed root.   ” You are far from the mound, Tuatha… Continue reading

Spellbound in the Spectrum

More island wanderings (in infrared) Meet me in that place of light and shadow. I am strolling there, Between dreams, and waking   And  I don’t forget my Canon that started me onto… Continue reading

Some scenes in infrared

More journeys and  walkabouts with my little  infrared camera. Finally spring weather visits us on our cold wet island. It certainly lifts the spirits and ignites my zeal. I am an accomplished wanderer, sometimes the… Continue reading

Tales of The Tuatha (chapter 12 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Old Dragon Toes Niamh  floated upward toward the threshold. Was she sleeping still?  Her lost dreams needed to be recovered before she could return to the mound, and she still hadn’t found the sacred spring.… Continue reading

More solitudes, Gateways and Paths

“If we shadows have offended,. Think but this, and all is mended—. That you have but slumbered here. While these visions did appear!”  A Midsummer Night’s Dream As everyone probably has guessed I… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha – chapter 11 of the keep it sweet and short tales

The Raven Thief Niamh took the forest road, her pouch of dreams tucked safely inside her shirt. The afternoon’s light was already beginning to fade. She lay down in a meadow clearing and… Continue reading

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  • the worlds of imagination

    the creations and builds of virtual worlds are worthy of exploration too. One of my top adventures and stories has been Rand Miller’s and Cyan’s Myst series and the online caverns of Uru which is a spin off of Myst.