The Sisters of Mercy

Mad now for Monochrome and  Thank you Leanne Cole  and Laura Macky I was wandering in the historical section of the Ross Bay Cemetery and there is a plot reserved for the Sisters of… Continue reading

I Sing the Body Eclectic Night Bird by Deep Forest  I love the music of  this French group and ethnic electronica.   Most of my days of wonder are filled with very diverse adventures and chance! And as… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha (chapters 16 and 17 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

On Mother’s Day  Another Dream Retrieved and The Butterfly’s Kiss Snatching the jewel from under the thirsty butterfly,  she returned it to the pouch.  The creature flew to her lips as though to kiss her but… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha (Chapter 15 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

The Butterfly’s dew drop Niamh made her way carefully through the tree cavern in the direction where she had seen the swan on the lagoon. Water was flowing swiftly beside her.  She thought she heard the wail… Continue reading

fare la passaggiata

Two views of sunset on the Selkirk Estuary, a walk in a wonderful place between two hillsides called Mystic Vale, and the old farmhouse across the street from where I live. When I… Continue reading

Beautiful British Columbia ( forgive a little tourism post!)

I enjoy looking at photos from around the world, dreaming of travel, so I thought I would post a few photos of my beautiful Canadian province on the west coast of Canada. I… Continue reading

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