One Four Challenge week 3

Week 3 of Robin Gosby’s One Four Challenge and feeling a bit limited with my subject  I attempted an “old masters” look!  I wanted it to look cracked and I layered it with… Continue reading

Tales of the Tuatha – Niamh’s Journey (chapter 32 & 33 of the keep it sweet and short tales)

Finally I’ve continued with my fairy tale and Niamh’s dream journey, – and to catch up from my  hiatus I have written two full chapters ( that are still, as usual, a work… Continue reading

Monochrome Madness upon us and Isadora Duncan

 It’s time for Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness  again. I’m continuing along my fantasy vein,  with  brooding children and Alice (of my wonderland posts)!!  (week 45) Strolling in Paris ( for… Continue reading

One Four Challenge – week 2

Robyn’s One Four challenge– week 2 A Birth ( chapter 2) One day an elephant appeared on the mantel. He had ivory tusks and his trunk curled upward in blessing.  A clock was sitting… Continue reading

Tales of the coastal Salish

How Raven Stole the Sun  In the beginning the world was in darkness but Seagull had found daylight and jealously hoarded it away in a cedar box for himself alone. Raven ( the trickster) thought… Continue reading

One Four Challenge

Robyn Gosby’s One Four Challenge – and a short story Memories of a button hook child (a very old fashioned tale from days gone by) The Accident There was no telling how long sweet Bonny Tuliptoes … Continue reading

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  • the worlds of imagination

    the creations and builds of virtual worlds are worthy of exploration too. One of my top adventures and stories has been Rand Miller’s and Cyan’s Myst series and the online caverns of Uru which is a spin off of Myst.