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A Transcendental Concert – One Four Challenge- week 3

and now for something completely crazy!  Bear with me dear bloggers and friends for a little journey to who knows where – in my third processing for Robyn Gosby’s One Four Challenge!  Though I love monochrome… Continue reading

The magic of Light refraction

The Daily Post Challenge   A tale of the Crystal Cave a very short story  As the light reached the innermost part of the cavern it pierced the stalagmite shard and a single… Continue reading

tales of the caravanserai

I wrote this story a few years back, one of my first,  so I decided to include it-  a folk tale with  tributes to Oscar Wilde, the Childe Ballads, Ozimandias, Scheherzade, and to… Continue reading

A canticle for Meg – a short story

A Canticle for Meg  dedicated to and in memory of  two women of the 20th Century, rest in peace. Names and places are changed but thanks to my mom, grandparents and my cousin… Continue reading

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