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Ed Mooney’s History Challenge – The Story of Rosslyn Chapel

Originally posted on the runes of the gatekeeper's daughter:
(no photography allowed inside) Along with the standing stones and stone circles that mark the Gaelic landscape in Scotland, another place of great…

One Four Challenge week 4 – Dunvegan calls

The last in the series of Dunvegan Castle for Robyn Gosby’s One Four Challenge Magnetic midnight and a storm of solar wind Spins Dunvegan’s fairy flag across the sky Riding on the veil They… Continue reading

Some Gaelic Canadiana in monochrome & Ed Mooney’s History Challenge

Ed Mooney, the Ruin Hunter and author of Ed Mooney Photography on WordPress has got me going. He promises a ruin hunter badge.  Well, we don’t have many ruins in Canada but we… Continue reading

Capturing History Challenge – Week 5

Originally posted on Ed Mooney Photography:
Here we are with yet another week of the Challenge. The last five weeks have flown by, and I got some more great images for you to…

One Four Challenge – September- week 2

My Tuesday Gripe You can ignore this if you like and go straight to the image and story!! 😀 Since getting back from my trip,  a virus and dental surgery, prevent my energy from reaching it’s… Continue reading

The Fairy Flag of Dunvegan — oh fine Scottish Weather

  Dunvegan (Dùn Bheagain)  Castle on the Isle of Skye  is the hereditary home of the Clan MacLeod  (and one part of my family tree).  The clan MacLeod are said to be descendants… Continue reading

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