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Ancient hearts

PS: I’m home at last and happily tired!!  I checked posts sporadically while gone but will try to catch up with all wordpress friends over the next couple of days!! The Land of… Continue reading

Muckross Abbey

Killarney and County Kerry are beyond beautiful!! An area of high mountain peaks, glass lakes, a huge national park, dramatic coast and rolling hills it truly is like stumbling upon a magical Oz. When I… Continue reading

A few wanderings on the magic Isle

( just a few!) It’s wonderful to be back in Ireland again! -Oh, and by the way, The Queen is still Queen of Scotland!! I’m not sure what to think of that as… Continue reading

Scotland’s got light!! and much more!

I am at my B&B in a state of exalted exhaustion and a chance to catch up a little with emails and  posts as I can – and a post of my own.… Continue reading

The Ghostly Gardens of Hatley Castle

Hatley Park Castle was designed in 1907  by the well known architect  Sam MacLure for James Dunsmuir, son of the famous coal baron of Vancouver Island, Robert Dunsmuir.  The last Dunsmuir  grandchild, Dola,… Continue reading

Another chapter of Monochrome Madness and a Mayan Journey

Though busy, no way I’ll miss  Leanne Cole and Laura Macky‘s  weekly Monochrome Madness See all the wonderful submissions on Leanne’s site.(Tues, Aug 19) I  revisited my journey through the Yucatan for my choice… Continue reading

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