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Beaches of County Kerry

Not back to form yet! However, here are some sublime places to visit. If you don’t like the weather in Ireland just wait five minutes –  similar to the West Coast where I… Continue reading

Home Again

-tired, a bit spaced out and with a flu bug! -But as always it was all so worth it.  A few days and I’ll be put to sorts again and time to catch… Continue reading

monochrome madness 2-25 at Muckross Abbey

A bit late again and this will be my last post until I get home and can sort through all my images of these magical places!!- and have a better internet connection. In… Continue reading

Two Amazing Places

Along with the weather, so is the internet- Iffy!!! I am often disconnected when trying to post or comment in the evenings so will keep this short. I have so many more I… Continue reading

Up in the glorious Skye

Oh boy!  Internet is very hit and miss here- mostly miss.  I apologize for not keeping up at all with anyone at this time but will when I return. Thank you, everyone, for… Continue reading

The Light in the Highlands

Connectivity problems in the Highlands have been ongoing and I hope to catch up with you all in time. Thank you all for your wonderful comments and I have been checking posts when… Continue reading

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