Confidence ( thank you Chris for the prompt)

Its been a struggle. I even had to force myself to think and write about this topic!

I am not sure who said “Be kind,  for everyone is fighting a hard battle” but I try to keep that in mind. Confidence means nothing when sometimes you are just fighting to survive.

I remember when I received an honours mark in Math! Math for heaven sake- it was my worst subject!!  But after failing miserably I took it in a correspondence course, completed it at home and, it was as though a light bulb clicked on. Einstein move over!! Now I could do anything- but as long as I did it on my own!! No distractions!

It has always been feast or famine! Days of being enthusiastic and driven and sometimes nights of sorrow, fear, and self doubt.  But as the Irish say, “a situation can be hopeless but never serious,”  and so I was fortunate to inherit a predisposition for humour which often (but not always)  helped me to “act as if” even when I wanted to stay hidden in my cave.

This is the story of me!! Confidence is like the weather, sometimes grey and heavy with rain and sometimes joyfully bright, but, if I have one day where at the end of it I am at peace,  then that is a good day and I have confidence that I will have others. I am confident that I am still learning,-  that I am a survivor and,  what an amazing  journey it is!!

I need to take time out and just be in the present and breathe in the moment and exhale it. Take it in and let it go.

Om mane padme hum.

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  1. Maria F. says:

    I love this blog!

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    1. oh thank you and I yours!!


  2. Robyn G says:

    Oh you are a beautiful soul.. and a kindred spirit.
    If I had the gift of words, Im sure I would have said something quite similar.
    Confidence is fleeting and Laughing out loud ( and time out) are the best medicines xx thanks for sharing 😃

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    1. 🙂 we are!! thanks so much Robyn!!

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      1. Robyn G says:



  3. Stephen Thom says:

    lovely words, good on you for putting this down in words. some of these things, you are giving yourself control over just by externalising them in this way. i was also terrible at math! i used to write answers for things on my arm under my shirt sleeve for pop quizzes! massive kudos on your honours mark, you should be still basking in the glow of that! 🙂

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    1. oh thanks Stephen!! It was long ago but taught me how I learn best!- quietly and without too much pressure lol!!


  4. aishasoasis says:

    Lol, a situation can be hopeless, but never serious – I like that! I’m a california native with irish roots, my dad would love that quote, I’ll have to pass that on to him, his favorite quote is “growing old isn’t for sissies” – love your response to ibq, and so very happy to meet you! ♥♥♥ ;^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. and you!! Egypt is such a fascinating place. I love the history and watched and read everything by Dr.Zahi Hawass!! Welcome to my blog too. I love yours!


  5. Trisha says:

    “confidence is like the weather” – I love that! It’s so true. One day up, the next down. You just never know.

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