About the mad mouse


Machrie Moor on Arran

(Cybele Moon aka the dune mouse)

 “Not all who wander are lost” – or have attention deficit disorder!

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My daughter and I at Newgrange, County Meath (link to Dublin and Wicklow)

I am a rather simple soul, somewhat introverted (but passionate), living on an island in the Pacific Northwest.  Though college educated with a major in English Lit, way back when, I remain an enthusiast without credentials. However, I am a traveler in many realms, where I still seek old bones, tomes, and philosopher’s stones,- and other such nonsense and treasures.

the lily pondbestest

 an excerpt from Sue Vincent’s  guest post-(on virtually yours)  

a story

….. Once her parents arranged for a five week trip to Italy to visit a cousin.  


She wandered through the Mediterranean area and North Africa and lived for a while in Greece on Leonard Cohen’s former haunt, the island of Hydra, scribbling untamed thoughts and romance until the Sirocco winds blew- and her exasperated father sent a ticket for her to come home and answer for herself.  Sadly “the answer had long been lost in the seductive dance of an oasis mirage and in the mournful wail of the dunes as they are created and destroyed by the desert winds.”  (Tales of the Caravanserai)

Hearing the call of ancient valour, the pipes and old standing stones, today she follows the wind again to more northern climes where she is at home in both the Hebrides and Ireland.


The dark island (ant’eileann dorcha)

me loch ness painterly

on Loch Ness

I often wander off the beaten path in search of adventure and am a great friend of  Murphy who states “when all else fails, read the instructions” -or in this case refer to the map (GPS). Just ask my daughter, the navigator, and keeper of time, who, by the way, is a grand travel companion, never misses a train- and keeps me on “track.”

I am largely self taught with an interest in history, astronomy and paleontology (adventures in the time machine). My blogging first began a few years back with a story of a virtual world which then morphed into the more creative Following Sister Moon and Gateways and Journeys.  I like to create visions and tales that compliment each other so if you like storytelling and photography, welcome to my world and let’s share a tale!!


A few endorsements!

the receptiveness of other wordpress bloggers has been overwhelming!!  I had the wonderful privilege of being the 

guest storyteller for May 2014  on Sarahpotterwrites –  with my Tales of the Tuatha

and honoured to be featured on an amazing photography blog

 Leanne Cole’s Introductions (of the dune mouse) in July, 2014

and one of my photos was chosen for  Hot off the Press -Around the world in 10 photos



and some flattering and lovely testimonials ( squeaking loudly)

 Peter Nena, author of An Anthology of African Stories says :

“There is a traditional wholeheartedness in the way you tell stories. Your characters have a strong moral significance, and the spirituality, the essence, is affecting and deep. You know those kind of stories you read and something tells you that there is more to them than just the wonderfully woven words, something deeper, sometimes subtle, but certainly magnetic and powerful. That’s how it is with your stories–Niamh’s Journey and the rest, even the Arabian one. I love the quality–simple, captivating, profound.” (re: The Sacrifice of Smoke Jaguar and Tales of the Tuatha)

Ed Mooney, author at The Ruin Hunter (Ireland) says– “There are very few authors that can draw the reader into the story, where time ceases to exist and you feel like you are part of the tale. You Cybele are one such writer. Thank you so much for sharing these stories with me. In ancient Ireland you would have been known as a Seanchaí “ re: A Canticle for Meg and Tales of the Caravanserai

 A graceful, gothic swell to the storytelling, laced with sudden tragic turns, lovely phrasing,  and poetic moments– Stephen Thom

Words fail me, Cybele! These images are so MAGICAL!”  Ali Isaac, Guardian of Irish Mythology

Cybele or Hana creates a mythic portal with her photos and stories. She draws you into a enchanted realm where you cannot help but find yourself in awe of this master storytellers art! – Laura L. aka Owl Dragonash

Thank you and Cheers!! – and you can check out my virtual stories too ( link on sidebar or on menu)