About the mad mouse


Machrie Moor on Arran

(Cybele Moon aka the dune mouse)

 “Not all who wander are lost” – or have attention deficit disorder!

I am a rather simple soul, somewhat introverted (but passionate), now living on an island in the Pacific Northwest.  Though college educated with a major in English Lit, way back when, I remain an enthusiast without many credentials. However, I am a traveler in many realms, where I still seek old bones, tomes, and philosopher’s stones,- and other such nonsense and treasures.


“She once wandered through the Mediterranean area, Italy, Africa…  and lived for a while in Greece on Leonard Cohen’s former haunt, the island of Hydra….

Hearing the call of ancient valour, the pipes and old standing stones, today she has followed the wind back again to more northern climes where she is at home in both the Hebrides and Ireland.”- from an Interview by Sue Vincent


The dark island (ant’eileann dorcha) sung by Mary Duff

lochness2abc (2small)mono

Loch Ness

I often wander off the beaten path in search of adventure and am a great friend of  Murphy who states “when all else fails, read the instructions” -or in this case refer to the map (GPS). Just ask my daughter, the navigator, and keeper of time, who, by the way, is a grand travel companion, never misses a train- and keeps me on “track.”

I am largely self taught with an interest in history, astronomy and paleontology (adventures in the time machine). My blogging first began a few years back with a story of a virtual world which then morphed into the more creative Following Sister Moon and Gateways and Journeys.  I like to create visions and tales that compliment each other so if you like storytelling and photography, welcome to my world and let’s share a tale!!






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guest storyteller on Sarahpotterwrites –  Tales of the Tuatha de Danaan

Leanne Cole’s Introductions (of the dune mouse) in July, 2014

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and some flattering and lovely testimonials ( squeaking loudly)

Ed Mooney, author at The Ruin Hunter (Ireland) says– “There are very few authors that can draw the reader into the story, where time ceases to exist and you feel like you are part of the tale. You Cybele are one such writer. Thank you so much for sharing these stories with me. In ancient Ireland you would have been known as a Seanchaí “ re: A Canticle for Meg and Tales of the Caravanserai
 A graceful, gothic swell to the storytelling, laced with sudden tragic turns, lovely phrasing,  and poetic moments– Stephen Thom
“your stories are simple, captivating and profound” – Peter Nena
Words fail me, Cybele! These images are so MAGICAL!  Ali Isaac, Guardian of Irish Mythology
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