A Fleeing Summer Dream

In case you didn’t know, it’s always, late summer and late afternoon in Fairyland.

I can’t believe that in my own dimension of space we’ve already slipped into September. Our summer has been on the cool side but still, I emerged, cautiously, like a cave bear into the sunlight. I finally wrote a little tale ( previous post) and created a story of images for a curator friend based on The Stolen Child by W. B. Yeats  ( I will be posting that  as a video soon). 

Pieces of August

In the afternoons there is  a moment of perfect stillness in a hovering bee

and a joy in in finding shadowed corners in a garden,

or a child walking between heaven and earth at the lake

a weeping birch caressing  the last patch of sunlight on the grass

-and in coming home and to find that the fairies have lit up the hillside deck- or else my ever patient, dear waiting and hungry garden gnome


As an accompaniment to my short story about a time unremembered on my previous post I’d like to let the magic of summer linger just a while longer by presenting a glimpse of one of the fairies as a bit of a teaser for a video I will soon present about The Stolen Child exhibit.

shamrock fixed2a

(music- King of the Fairies Dance)

For those who have a virtual account  visit the Itakos Gallery exhibit The Stolen Child here