Not always here and never all there



an encounter in the rain


I wonder if I’m missed!!

I’ve really fallen by the wayside in blogging. I admit to using Flickr on and off as it has been a lot easier to post and poof. Here I must be more thoughtful and with my previous bout with depression (SAD) plus, and then a painful sciatica in my left hip ( subsiding), it has been much harder to collect my thoughts into something non-neurotic and cohesive. I’ve had to try to stop looking at random events as harbingers of doom or checking to see if there are escape routes out of the city should the need arise. I hope all of you are well and safe.



but!! I’m now on the mountainside and barring any earthquakes that might bring the mighty giants crashing like the sword of Damocles onto our roof, life is good. After listening to the trees roaring in a wind that lasted for days the calm sun has at last arrived.   The garden is looking good and coffee on the deck!


yes, weeds and all

I checked into my blog today to find something wonderful. A message that I must share that has inspired me as I have been meaning to revise my little stories for ages.

Hi Cybele – this may come as a surprise as it’s a long time since you wrote these tales! But I found your images on Flickr and followed the path here 🙂

Being from Ireland myself and knowing much of the old stories, I was captivated from the start! Eventually growing to recognize the tale of Oisin, with your own interpretation, interspersed with cameos of other mystical beings, I must say you have that rare and wonderful magic in your imagination. From the faerie mounds to Raven Bran, to the Morrigan, the Red Stag, Swans, and Druids (with your incredible representation of Christianity overcoming the pagan ways as the young priest baptized the old man) – all of the tales flowed perfectly seamlessly from one to the next. Your pictures are also crafted with insight and love and make wonderful complements to the stories. I’m glad I found your website. You are an inspiration. Thank you.


Namaste, blessings, and blessed be, to all!


Back in 2017 Ceakay Ballyhoo a real life painter and teacher was taken with the story and  took my tales of the Tuatha De Danaan to the virtual world in the form of a story tour on her sim led by writer and seanchai library member Judy Cullen (click on link for more)

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