Thanks Sherry Felix for sharing this wonderful animation program. It’s a perfect storyteller

Click to play – I could not get it to auto play

As a swan glided by in a dream of its’ own, the Lady Moon opened night’s starry veil. The long shimmering braid of her hair fell across the sea to the dark island. ( Tales of the Tuatha de Danaan and Niamh’s Journey

the haunting Ant eilean Dorcha ( the dark island)

and from the Dark Island to Glencoe Moor

stars spilled out through the melody rising up from the chakras of my root to my crown The hand of the unseen conductor waved them onward into the vibrating strings of a solar wind and I cried out, “Yes! The whole cosmos is a grand opus!

and Morning on my hill!!

my morning2

(Corel photomirage)