Monochrome Madness! (218)

My first submission in ages!!. Do visit Leanne Cole’s wonderful site and see all the great images. I love monochrome portraits and moody scenes. Like Leanne Cole I sometimes forget about my infrared camera but I need to do more with it. I love the haunted effect. So my offering this week was the Gypsy. But I will include two more here.


The Gypsy,  She had a wildness in her spirit and a dark sullen magic in her soul

my gypsy girl2


in tribute to Lauren Bacall, “you know how to whistle don’t you Steve? you just put your lips together and blow”  – or of course, you could text me.




We met when we were almost young, deep in the green lilac park (infrared)

we met


Come over to the window my little darling, I’d like to try to read your palm.

Leonard Cohen