Summer Molasses

Me back again, waving madly.  Don’t ask, as this last while is still surreal.  I have nothing, I have everything.  This has been a year of personal crisis, slowly readjusting itself. I have given up sorting  through the constantly changing puzzle pieces and am now at least for the time, an observer. So with nothing further I will share a few words with these summer images.

oh finally the treacle pot has tipped and we are all drifting slowly as in a dream on the  sweet and sticky folds of summer gold. I am so happy to be living next to a forest. With temperatures rising high, my back deck is dappled cool against the mossy rock and with the sounds of  the little fountain and Kitaro or Ray Lynch’s Falling in the Garden spilling out in Zen like sync I sit quietly and have my own deep breakfast.

Morning Praise on the hillside


Lavender and Sweet Summer Bees.   It’s lovely to see so many of them busy in late afternoon

sweet as a bee png

Dr. Chandra, Will I dream?dr chandra2.jpg

But heaven is not a time or placeheaven and time3

and I will actually be submitting something to Monochrome Madness next week.