A Summer of monochrome and fairy lore

my submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness (4-9) this week was this lovely butterfly at one of my hanging baskets.

I had no idea that internet connection might be a problem from time to time when you live outside of town!! but that means I actually get to go out more!

and when days are full of summer..

how can I keep from singing

It’s magical


I was once told a story about a relative of mine who got lost inside a fairy fort for hours (in Ireland of course), walking in circles trying to find the gate out, so, to keep peace with the fair folk, I always kept an overgrown place at the foot of the garden for the wild spirits to come and play.  Now I have a whole forest to entertain any elemental spirits and other creatures. But be careful, fairies are very vain and temperamental and you mustn’t annoy them in any way.

(which brings me to the Dark Fairy Lore)


“…..Though they searched high and low, little Freddy was nowhere to be found. They only saw the shoe he had hurled in a fit of temper at the poor creature. The mushroom where they first saw the tiny sylph sitting and humming it’s strange tunes had withered, and the dark fairy never returned to the shadowed land at the bottom of the garden.”

(  For me endings often come before beginnings!! I’ll try to work on that!)

Happy Solstice everyone!