A plethora of flowers

Here we are again, immersed in Spring which, due to the fickleness of west coast weather, is never predictable!

But regardless of weather, by May,the wild flowers arrive in meadow and parkland.

For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness (4-3), I have chosen a nymph of the flowers, one of the anthousai, and you can find her in meadow and woodland, singing and dancing with her sisters.  Sylvia Plath dedicated a poem to her cousins, the dryads, in The Plethora of Dryads, and so the same can be said of flower nymphs. A profusion of them are flowing over hillside and boulevard in wild abandon, staining the earth in Camas lily blues, and buttercup yellows, with their passing feet.

butterfly girl monochrome vignettesoftsmall


Blue Camas Lilies everywhere with a few buttercups here and there

by meadow and stream

she leaves her sweet footprints