Just so you know I’m still alive!

Some of you may have noticed my absence lately due to other more onerous duties, a temporary illness, and some time taken to decide which direction I want to go with my stories and art. I won’t deny that I have been suffering with some anxiety and inertia this winter Worst of all, I have been without a camera but I will try to gather up my thoughts which, like Niamh’s dreams, have scattered in all directions and I will try to catch up with you all over the next while.

My isolation lead  me to once again explore the virtual art scene with some visits to very imaginative virtual worlds that have their own unique story possibilities in high tech graphic and pixelated environments.  After slowly emerging from the cocoon of  sad apathy and long nights of the soul, I am rising like the moon.  I went into town yesterday!!

There is more about my virtual foray and art on the link below.  Dont’ be afraid to check it out. It’s not too crazy!

 Desert Mice and Dreams


Aiobhell was a woman of the Sidhe. She is associated with the Beansidhe or Banshee who were foretellers of death. Aoibhell gave a golden harp to the son of Meardha while he was a student at the school of the Sidhe in Connacht. Though the music was incredibly beautiful, whoever heard the playing of Aiobhell’s harp was doomed to die.

It was this harp that the great hero, Cuchulain heard at the time his enemies were gathering against him at Muirthemne, and he knew then that his life was near its end.

and here are two older images that I worked on while waiting for my new camera.

Geums sing the morning

Cliffs of Moher



*Gods and Fighting Men by Lady Gregory