Now is the winter of my discontent


Hello my dears!

Well, you won’t believe!  I received my new Canon only to find it was defective! This is now two strokes of bad luck! The first being that my old camera got wet and died,  supposedly from taking a few pictures of the lovely snow, and the second in receiving a lemon (also rare!) So I wait again! I’m slightly discouraged, but this must all mean something if I could just figure it out! Patience is not a strong point. I’m going mad! Hopefully there won’t be an impending third misfortune, unless you count the snow that is once again falling.


Thank you Niko, at least one of us has a working camera even though yours isn’t as good as mine! (was)


Weather has been iffy , sometimes frost, sometimes rain, even a touch of sun.  As I look out the window today, there is more of the white stuff- and it’s coming down thick!  In spite of it we managed to get the shed built and are about to redo the laundry room to include an extra toilet and sink.  The roof was fixed and new railings put up on the steps. This is the mundane!


oh no, not again!! says Senor Frog

So now about the madness!  This last two weeks with the strange weather – and only in my spare time of course – I have become a gamer again! Years ago,  in the nineties I first discovered and played what was then called the Game of the Year;  Myst, and it’s sequel, Riven. Created by a small Indie studio called Cyan, it was an instant success due to superior graphics, a great storyline  and “brain drain” puzzles!! It was not a fast paced game.


More than twenty years later they have come out with Obduction!  Their latest is no less brilliant; Alien pods,  trees that join universes,  and lost cliff side cities. No one jumps out to do battle. You are on your own to solve puzzles and find your way back from a world that is both alien and wonderfully steam punk, with cogs, wheels and laser beams- very HG Wells, Jules Verne and  sci-fi fantasy. There is  lots of time to enjoy the fantastical landscapes. And, be very careful which lever you pull!  Cyan delivers the adventure once again!

I have done a small review here, check it out: Another Virtuality


I await my new Canon!! Soon Soon !! I’ll be back soon!!!

in the meantime the view from my bedroom window with iphone ( and a few of my Yucatan shots thrown in). I must take a video  course!

Orinoco Flow by Enya