Back again with Monochrome Madness

I’ve had a disastrous week!!  My companion eye who presents me with the inspiration to develop my visions has up and died. That lovely day I spent out in the snow apparently was the cause, as moisture somehow got inside the camera while I was shooting (though the camera was in the pack otherwise). After trying to revive it in a bag of rice for a week (this sometimes works according to online advisers), I finally knew it was not going to come back.  If anyone else has a Canon rebel series, be advised that they are not sealed well, though they are a good camera otherwise. I  now await the delivery of a new, weather sealed Canon 80d, which has a slightly bigger sensor and apparently superior image resolution- though alas, not a full frame ( $3000 and up with lenses) which I cannot afford. Still, because I have an account at a local shop I bought it  on a payment plan. I do not have the cash on hand to purchase luxuries. Wait, this is not a luxury, it’s a need!! Now I must work on older images for a while while I await the delivery from back east.

Please visit Leanne’ Cole’s great blog for the monochrome madness 3-43 challenge this week!


on the salisbury plain

I never tire of the standing stones and Henge monuments of Britain and Scotland. Out of the mist they appear and disappear,  fold and unfold  on the flowing veil of time.


in colour

and when was the last time you were lost in an enchanted wood?  (in back of my house of course)



I was a great fan of this group:   Nightwish from Finland – an oldie but beautiful