Journeys round the sun

I stepped back a bit this year from the madness of the OCD blogger and it now seems that I’m perpetually behind!!   The end of the year ( as this whole year)  has been a whirlwind of events big and small and of course  my  adjustment to the new place and life outside of town.

I wanted to try and find a Murphy’s type pub for my traditional Christmas Lilliput village but Niko said the tiny inhabitants might want to hang out there instead of the little church!

There are the carolers and skaters and those warming their hands at the little fire by the ice pond. The scene always reminds me of the Butchart Gardens Christmas light show which is also one of our seasonal traditions. Here is a  former post  on the subject showing all the magic and enchantment of their Christmas theme.

The image below is taken with the new Samsung tablet Santa gave me this year!


a peaceful Christmas at the cottage

I wish everyone the peace and hope that Christmas represents in the truest meaning of the birth of the Christ Child, and I also wish everyone reflection and renewal as the old year ends and another approaches. We have circled the sun one more time. The song of our great mother is in the rhythm of the seasons and the miraculous cycle of death and renewal on this beautiful planet called Earth.

In the possibilities that lay ahead we must strive to shed off the fetters of sadness, resentments, disappointments, cares and fears that we have accumulated and that prevent us from going forward into our own rebirth.

On a deeper level we recognize our passage as a journey of the soul. In the words of a famous French Jesuit philosopher, paleontologist and geologist, Teilhard de Chardin,  ” You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”  

and here is a review of  a few of my favourites of the past year which includes one from my latest story “The Siren’s Bones.”

All the best for the New Year!!

Andre Rieu -auld lang syne


the breath of our dreams