Arrival!!- and MM-34

I am looking out my window at the moment contemplating the icy crispness of my world. After a few years of no snow (except for the mountains) Victoria, BC is experiencing “colder than usual” temperatures. It’s rare to have snow before Christmas but here it is.


Steamy spirals of exhalation hang suspended, then dissolve like Zen mandalas, and snow blind sunlight scatters frosty diamonds that bounce everywhere on the frozen ground so as not to be possessed. I love the crunch of footsteps and the wind blowing a spray of snow from tree branches that sting my cheeks. Already I can’t move my numb lips. They’re stuck to my teeth in a bracing grimace.  I love it!! I am a winter bird. This light icing is only the appetizer. More snow is on it’s way. I’m off to a Christmas Concert this evening.



( a jubilant) Arrival by Abba played by Dutch International Military Tattoo

Mill hill park


I was remiss in posting my last two Monochrome Madnesses with Leanne Cole. Her theme this week was square and I submitted the square gateway to the Mayan city of Uxmal.  Do visit her to see the great gallery 

Gateway at Uxmal

Gateway at Uxmal

and last week- MM-33

Mayne Island Lighthouse

Mayne Island Lighthouse in the Gulf Islands

and in colour

and in colour