Monochrome Madness and Christmas coming

The end of the year is fast approaching and I can’t believe Christmas is once again around the corner. I am trying as usual to catch up in the blog world. I so hope it snows out here on the mountain but nothing like that is in sight yet. One thing is certain.  It’s been an eventful year and as my friend  Andrea Stephenson  says November is a month for dreaming. I’ve been a bit stagnant creative wise but have been more involved with the prosaic lately, such as a leaky skylight and toilet, and defective drip caps on the windows. However, I have great plans to make this little place into a fantasy cottage as is one of my dreams. (finances permitting)

Here is my submission to Leanne Cole’s wonderful MM (3-32)


Midlothian Field

and in colourmidlothian-fields

And Snow!!

here are some pics taken at my brother’s

where pieces of clouds break off and cover the earth in celestial crystals and where the puffing of cows halo the pasture



and in the hall of the mountain king skiers enjoy the zen of the night run

and also avoid the noisy snow tubers and snowboarders of the afternoon


wherein Patrick tries to explain the finer nuances of snow tubing to a skeptical Hrafna while Tegg looks on in feigned indifference

Just for fun! ( on Flickr)

Dare to ride with us

on the slopes of the mountain king- I dare you to ride with us



And finally this Christmas let us not forget the most vulnerable among us who are hurting and in need.  In this day and age of conflicts and refugees I must congratulate the Coast Guard in Greece for their valiant rescues of desperate families trying to cross the Aegean Sea and my own country for taking in those fleeing from violence and oppression. Some of my favourite close to home charities are Big Brothers and Sisters,  SPCA,  and Feed the Children.