Monochrome and Other Madnesses

I can’t do total justice to the magnificent churches of Paris but here is a tribute and my contribution to Leanne Cole and Monochrome Madness 3-28


Sacre Couer

and be that Halloween or Samhain is creeping up on us, here are two interpretations of the Beansidhe (Banshee) bearing in mind that though there were those who were the  foretellers and mourners of death they were also part of the fair race of myth and legend, the Tuatha de Danaan.


The wail of the Banshee

“So pray she does not come this night
If you would see the morning’s light.
Sleep well, my child, sleep fast and tight.
And dream of sweet tomorrow.”


the beansidhe Aiobhill ( pronounced Ah veel) out walking in the woodlands at Glendalough

( models- lian cary and cendrayliss)