Monochrome Madness and moon shadows

Two weeks behind but I’m here again! – and I haven’t done anything Goth for a while. Hallow’s eve or Samhain will be the next holiday and we will be deep into Autumn. I can only say that I feel the changes taking place in the earth and in myself – a transition from one season of life into another.  I can’t say that I’m fully embracing it  yet on all levels. My situation has changed and it’s a challenge for the dune mouse who usually wants to hide in her hole. I’m being forced to engage more, only to find out I’m quite set in my ways.

This is the season of entering dormancy, not growth, yet I’m finding a few tendrils poking through the crusty bark that refuse to be ignored. A winter moon is on it’s way and I must hurry to fill the soul pantry. I have to admit that as I did take on the moniker of the symbolic mouse shadow of the second moon of Dune, thus “The sleeper must awaken!!

My submission to Leanne Coles’ Monochrome Madness (3-24)


portrait of the dune mouse in her burrow and my submission to MM



moon shadow- a winter moon is on it’s way



always a light at the end but first walk through the shadows



so many trees!



my forest primeval-  embraces you in light and shadow, the gentle ferns enfold your feet and giant tree spirits stand on guard as you pass (painterly)