Mill Hill and Meyers Briggs

Like the white rabbit it seems I’m perpetually behind these days. I’m also having problems loading certain sites including WordPress blogs. Many are painfully slow. I sometimes give up and try another day.  Has anyone else had this problem?  To cut back the lag on my own I lessened the number of posts displayed and deleted some widgets as per WP support and I hope it has helped.

I enjoy getting glimpses of the person behind a blog I follow by his or her unique images, words, and/or humour- and so I come to the personality test.  Though I’d like everything done yesterday, it seems I’m easily distracted! According to Meyer’s Briggs I  apparently, am an introvert and loner. Though friendly, INFP people can be in danger of becoming hermits!  Idealistic dreamers, INFP’s  are the quintessential “hippies.” They are attracted to sad things yet love an adventure- and according to the study are often writers (I like that one).  As  fellow blogger Disperser points out, our egos pick out the qualities we like to think describe us but that personality tests are not accurate analyses of who we are. Instead ask a family member (!) or someone who we’ve recently met what they think of us!  oh-oh!!

The test is based on  Meyers Briggs and Jungian typology and is not too long. My daughter did it and the results for hers even including her choice of career were uncanny. Anyway it’s fun so here is the test site.   Let me know what you are!!

And here is my dreamer’s vision of the beautiful woodland.  There are two paths, one flat, that meanders with the creek and one with a gentle (ha!) incline to the summit of Mill Hill. The one right behind my deck is the foot of  the hill which I have yet to climb. I’m getting to the stage where I don’t want to climb every mountain but I will still follow every forest path and ford a few streams.

Juniper jennifer best2sharp


Jennifer Juniper, lives upon the hill
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still
Is she sleeping? I don’t think so
Is she breathing? Yes, very low
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love?- Donovan Leitch 



Go down to the squinty woods- for Leanne’s MM 3-22


the twilight veil

the consummate love and flower child- Donovan- let’s smoke those bananas (or whatever)


lots still to do =








INFP hard at work