The Climb, Numbness- and Monochrome Madness

Scrunching, scraping, slashing, collapse- I think the summit is in sight. I’ve just climbed out of hundreds of boxes (and mountains of paper) to find myself on the side of a hill- and it’s a beautiful hill, a small mountain to be precise!  It has been a grueling, uphill experience to get here though!

I enlisted the help of 2 Burley ragnarMen, one of whom looked like Ragnar Lothbrok- so this is what he does when not out looting and pillaging or trying to storm Paris! He allayed my fears and assured me on Odin’s Ravens that my possessions would arrive safely and intact. At any rate, I wasn’t about to argue with him.




a community bus that caught  fire on highway

Out here they don’t have real buses, but up on the road a little shuttle bus whips by once an hour, like a dinky toy on wheels. It picks up all the local eccentrics; like fully mustachioed men with grey ponytails and large bosomed ladies clutching huge hand bags with toy poodles smuggled inside them, (and me), who are off to the shopping village or to connect to downtown city buses.

 I am now further away from the city than I was before and there is still a lot of work to be done. I will share the few pics I’ve managed to take between the organization and exhaustion. I may still be somewhat sporadic on WordPress for a while until we get all the work done that is pending here.

From out of my bedroom window the late afternoon sunlight ignites the little rise, or  falls in folds on the fir and cedar trees behind.


my deck is on the hillside!


and best of all, I live in the forest!! and by a stream


Just to take a walk there is enough

to cause a thousand veils to fall at once! – Rumi


and my contribution to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness – if I made it in time!


the lower I get the higher I’ll climb (- Marina Diamandis)

Numb by Marina and the Diamonds