Monochrome Madness 3-17

I’m going to have to take a break from blogging for the next two or three weeks while I move. I will be back of course. I apologize for being a bit behind in keeping up with my fellow bloggers the last while but my world is in chaos at the moment! Oh how I hate packing. Here are a few previous images I recently found.

Do visit Leanne Cole‘s wonderful blog with her Monochrome Madness Gallery- so many fine photographers and artists!

From The Wit and Wisdom of  Highland Cows

“Zen-like one eyed looking can be useful when trying to see beyond the immediate obvious”

wit and wisdom2

and here are some of my fanciful edits to distract me from the mundane of moving


There is a place where the world is a mirror

Where everything is familiar and strange

our dreams are an anagram

silent but listen

multilens path

Three Part Reverie

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.”  Rumi

the fairy pools of Skyeorton

The Fairy Pools of Skye

(with an Orton effect and a few fairies)

Skye is wonderfully magical as I think another blogger who was there recently will attest. Visit Crow Canyon for his wonderful photographic journey. Skye is rich with the history and legends of the  Dalriada Gaels, the Picts and the Vikings- and of course fairies.

I wrote about the Fairy flag of Dunvegan Castle here

and my journey to Skye is here

PS: Did you catch the anagram?