Monochrome Madness 3-8 and London

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I only recently was able to watch the full series of The Tudors( gorgeously filmed) on Shomi and resurrected an image I took on a tour of London with my daughter.

I can only imagine what it must have felt like to hear the Traitor’s Gate closing behind you as you are ferried through the moat to the Tower of London, there to await your trial and sentencing which was more often than not, death by beheading or something equally as gruesome.

Traitor's Gate

Traitor’s Gate



Old London on the Thames


Henry's Hunting Lodge

Henry’s Hunting Lodge


windsor castle

Windsor Castle

This is an old folk song ( one of the Child Ballads)  about a woman who goes to London to plead for the life of her husband Geordie, a nobleman, who for some reason, stole sixteen of the King’s royal deer and has been sentenced to hang.

and in case you haven’t noticed, my musical tastes are quite eclectic and I’m very fond of old and obscure folk songs.