Monochrome Madness (2-47) house hunting and I dream of Scotland

The weeks are flapping by on ever so tiring  wings! I’m behind with you all and my own blogging! I’m still hunting and now am including condo’s in my search- if I can get one by the sea!! My surroundings are very important to me and I think of well known Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson who designed the law courts and University with terraced waterfalls and gardens.

Though his designs were often boxy, location,  landscaping and picture windows always succeeded in bringing nature  indoors so that you felt you were living in a  forest or park.  My sister lives in a townhouse on the mainland designed by him and her front room window is like a huge painting of a gently sloping garden grove, full of flowering shrubs, deciduous trees and tall evergreens;-  where the setting sun fans out in rays onto her patio.   Her place is always filled with light.  She is a painter and one of her works is on display at the Richmond Art Gallery.

Dream on!  She and her husband own two places and I’m the poor  country mouse! 😀


Arthur Erickson Design

 And now to my dream of Monochrome Madness and of places I would rather live!! Leanne’s theme this week is straight.

So here is a lane in Lothian

Edinburgh Lane

A lane  in Lothian (East Edinburgh suburb)

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river gull sepia

a gull on the River Tay

Perth on the River Tay framed

Picture postcard of Perth! ( a cousin lives here)