My last week

was the game of barter with me losing.  It’s a seller’s market today, unfortunately for the buyer!! It’s daunting when one’s funds are limited.  The house in question was a  new manufactured home at top price but who would not want to live by the lake! I am not sleeping well and am a bit frazzled as this was house number two scratched off.  The hunt continues!

Shawnigal Lake crop

woodland by the lake


Now for Monochrome Madness 2-46  for Wed with Leanne Cole.

As Van Gogh wrote, Even in the storm there is peace!

There is peace, even in the storm2

and a stroll through a park  anywhere always calms the most jagged nerves  (notwithstanding spooky trees)

muckross mono crop


Some people pat dogs or cats to calm themselves, here I am with old “coo” Bess, looking a wee bit cowed meself! Here is what the coo said:

highland coo2

Och aye the noo

A’ma big highland coo
You could be too
But yer not
Ah stand in ma field
O mystical yield
But a dinnae have a shield
So whot?
By yon bonny brae
A’ma nibbling ma hay
Now nowts left to say
      that’s yer lot

(author unknown)  

Robin Williams was right when he once said you can’t understand a word a Scotsman says and it’s worse if  you’re drunk. 😀

and because life isn’t nerve wracking enough, I was invited by a real life author and theater artist Judith Cullen (A Trio of Irish Tales)  to read one of my stories aloud at a virtual library

I did,  but not before I spilled tea all over my keyboard  trying to set up a mic,  The next day the thing went mad and began typing all kinds of gibberish.  It had to have been the evil djinn of the keyboard  because

You all remember

and the girl whose  thighs caught fire. The lion’s nerves reached the breaking point but I was able to replace the keyboard before summarily murdering the guilty or innocent (or real estate agents and bankers).

However, the end has not yet been written.

Thanks to all for the wonderful feedback on the tale, -those who read it on either blog and/or heard it  told!