Monochrome madness time again!

Hi everyone,

WordPress has taken a  back seat the last while.  I’m in the throes of a big move (to the lake if all goes well) so it has been pretty busy looking at places and then all the other financial and legal stuff that gives one a headache – plus the anxiety of being both terrified and excited. It will be a process and one step at a time though I tend to try to meet myself around the corner before I get there.

I have raided my travel photos again and found many I have not published but that I love.

Here is my entry for MM 2-42 and please drop by Leanne’s wonderful gallery.

Rosslyn roof smallfix

Rosslyn Chapel, Midlothian


monastic gate

In a mystical monastery garden ( Muckross, County Kerry)


Balmoral View in Blairgowrie crop

Balmoral View, Blairgowrie, Perthshire & Kinross