Monochrome Madness 2-40

this is my entry for Leanne Coles Monochrome Madness.  Visit her blog for all the great submissions every week.

the treeless spaces on the Orkney Islands (at Skaill House)  have a lonely beauty against clouds that appear to be rushing out on the sky’s tide.

Skaill House, The Orkneys


…and I’ve been dreaming a lot lately so I include this in my monochrome collection with a quote from Rumi

“This place is just a dream. When dawn arrives you laugh at what you thought was your grief”

woodland dream

the woods were meant for the hunters of dreams


I’m not sure if this is my own issue but the woodland image appeared differently on wordpress and Windows. The tone was warmer in photoshop and on Flickr. (

Here on my post page it was displaying in yellower tones. Please let me know how you see it.

Conclusion: Apparently windows will sometimes degrade the colour of an image (something to do with compression)- and the workaround is to save it as .png. Voila!

this was the jpeg version on WP