monochrome madness 2-36- elves

For Leanne Cole’s wonderful Monochrome Madness

elves small2

elves on shelves

 I must pay homage to the head elf, the embodiment of old man winter, of giving, and good will in both mono and colour.

He knowscropmono.jpg

He knows

he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice

It’s been a difficult year, not just for me personally but for the whole world. Yet, I am still one who sees this as a season- not just of death as the earth sleeps, but of hope of renewal. I always love the lighting of candles and putting up lights to illuminate the dark nights. We say goodbye to the old year, and greet the new. My prayer is that we will take better care of ourselves, each other and our mother the earth.

In all this strife and madness that is happening on our planet, and after all these years of my own seeking, of many spiritual paths,  I still remember that there was a baby born for whom Christmas was named and his message was to love one another. Many teachers later and we still don’t seem to get it.

…but if you have never heard this sweet little angel sing- treat yourself!!-  She was and is phenomenal. It will bring tears to your eyes.

I hope the season brings, forgiveness, healing, peace, love and grace to us all.

… and music!