More from the Isle of Skye

I am just now going through the hundreds of photos of my summer trip. It’s been nothing but rain here on the island and I’m still at that low energy level. Blogging has taken a back seat and I haven’t been out much taking photos. I’m doing a couple of on line courses and this very distracted person is trying to stay focused (no pun intended) and on track!!

ancient church ruins skye

As I wrote before, Skye is full of old Norse names, the fjords ( firths) and lochs and even the jagged outcroppings of mountain rock. I am heading to the  mysterious, perpetually mist covered craig  called  old man Storr and a popular hiking area.


and here wandering enchanted gardens in the rain (another hand held slow shutter that turned out- as opposed to the dozen that did not!!)

Tutorial on “here’s how it’s done!”

Get ready to compose your shot, inhale and then exhale “om” three times.   Press the shutter and wait for time to stand still-  don’t move, don’t breathe ( these done simultaneously) – Voila!  😀

(I gave the walled garden DOF a touch more blur!)


and bidding a sad early morning goodbye as we head back on the road toward the Skye bridge and onward to Edinburgh

Isle of Skye roadstraight

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