Ghostly Hymns

This is the month for all things ghostly and Ed Mooney is having his Spooktacular  challenge for Samhain and Hallow’s Eve.  I will be searching my archives or taking a John Adams Ghost Tour through Victoria in the hopes of coming up with more sites and events suitable. In the meantime I’m gearing up with images from Muckross Abbey in County Kerry.

more muckross abbey
I did not get a sense of anything wicked lurking in the halls of the old Abbey though it had a violent history through the centuries of raids and Cromwellian persecution.  It had been built by the gentle Franciscan order and when my footsteps insideechoed in the upper rooms, I of course wondered if I was alone. How many footsteps had walked these galleries and might still be walking in the moonlight?  At one point I couldn’t help myself!  A vision of my old Catholic choir master appeared and as there were very few visitors that day (and hoping no one would think me too mad), I gave myself over.  In the vaulted tower that was once alive with the sound of chants and hymns,  of matins, vespers and compline,  my intonations followed those begun centuries ago, drifting in a silent wave on their journey toward the seraphim.

My Kyrie eleison ( very humbly recorded at the abbey)


However,  it’s a different story in the cemetery itself. There is a tale of a malevolent being called the “Brown Man”  who according to witnesses was seen in the night at a freshly dug grave feeding on a corpse. The area is still claimed to be haunted.


so with the words of Neil Gaimon

“Be hole, be dust, be dream, be wind 

Be night, be dark, be wish, be mind,

Now slip, now slide, now move unseen,

Above, beneath, betwixt, between.