One Four Challenge – September- week 2

My Tuesday Gripe

You can ignore this if you like and go straight to the image and story!! 😀

Since getting back from my trip,  a virus and dental surgery, prevent my energy from reaching it’s usual hyper state  (a good thing? lol) and I have slowed down the last while. I think I read somewhere on Blogging Etiquette 101 that in order to be successful you must make a plan and stick to it on how often you intend to post- once a day, once a week etc etc. I can never be consistent or stick to any one plan myself! I do need time out once in awhile as many of us do.

A few bloggers I follow- photographers and storytellers seem to have disappeared entirely. I sent a couple messages but never heard back from them.

If I disappear I hope it will be into the Gobi Desert seeking ancient dragon bones like Roy Chapman. I might at last find a worm hole in my garden or perhaps a starry portal and end up in some wonderful historical era, or on a Pandora star system somewhere off the asteroid belt of Arcturus. Maybe I will find a few friends there too.


So here is my One Four Challenge from a great artist and photographer from down under- Robyn Gosby

week 2

a bit of fun with Dunvegan Castle

The Skye Boat Song Story

The tragic and last battle of the Jacobite Rebellion at Culloden Moor saw the valiant but poorly equipped Jacobites along with their French and Irish allies fighting the British Government forces in 1746. After a bloody and terrible defeat a courageous girl named Flora MacDonald from the Outer Hebrides helped Bonnie Prince Charlie (heir to James III of Scotland) escape by boat to Skye. Though many of the MacLeods fought with the Jacobite Glengarry Regiment, the ruling Dunvegan chief, Norman MacLeod, sided with the government and tried to find where the prince was hiding. Charles then fled to France.

When King James fled,  for a while some still hoped for better times “when the King comes back over the water.” but with the exile of the Bonny Prince, alas, it was never to be. The highland clearances or “expulsion of the Gael” continued on with many displaced clansmen leaving for the New World. Charles died in exile, a drunk and broken man.  

Flora lived for a time in Dunvegan castle where one of her mementos, a lock of Charles’ hair, is on display along with letters and other artifacts of that turbulent time. She moved to America with her husband but returned to Skye later in life where she eventually died. Her statue stands in Inverness and the poignant “Skye Boat Song” is still played and sang today.

 more from my own visit to the tragic  Culloden Moor Battlefield –  (for you cursory history buffs)

Jacobite Laddie

Jacobite Laddie


I cropped the image, and converted it to Black and White before adding the lightening overlay texture.